Organic Delicious Cafe

26 Morningside Road, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
29 Morningside Road Edinburgh Scotland EH10 GB

We are Edinburgh’s first 100% Organic, Vegetarian (Mainly Vegan) cafe. We are Raw, Local, Farm Fresh, Homemade and we have a very Ethical, Green Ethos. What do we provide? Healthy Organic Juices & Smoothies & Milkshakes (Vegan of course), Breakfasts, including Vegan cooked breakfasts, Lunches & Treats. We have our signature coffee called “Morningside Roast” which is ethically sourced to make sure humans, animals and nature are nurtured. As we are a Healthy Cafe and allergy aware, we have tasty non-tofu options too like our famous Homemade Vegan Chilli. We also bake all our own Vegan Cakes, Vegan Raw Cakes & Raw Cheese Cakes and our very popular, very healthy Vegan Raw Energy Balls, packed full of super foods. They are 100% Organic, 100% Delicious, Wheat Free and Sugar Free! We take reservations, have free WiFi, welcome families and have very cool Karma Cards, where you are rewarded with a free hot drink or juice/smoothie once you collect enough stamps! Hey, Karma comes back, so let’s make sure it’s all good! :)

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