Sunnyside Avenue, Brightons FK2 0GE, United Kingdom

Gorgeously Vegan is the only fully vegan deli in Falkirk and surroundings. Run by Gabriele Panozzo and his wife Michela, Gorgeously Vegan delivers for free in Falkirk. Delicious vegan meals professionally made delivered to your doorstep.

Gorgeously Vegan is a line of products specifically made for Bar, Cafes, Hotels and Restaurants. Gorgeously Vegan supplies both pre-packed freshly made vegan products for grab-n-go fridges and products to be used directly in a busy kitchen. Gorgeously Vegan can be viewed as an opportunity to become a vegan-friendly venue, offering your customers a wider range of products and to attract new vegan customers.

Killearn, United Kingdom

Raw vegan desserts and snacks. All products are vegan, raw, gluten free and refined sugar free.

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