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Advocates For Rabbit Welfare Scottish Registered Charity No: SCO44268

Formed in Sept 2012 under the name Rabbits Require Rights (Scotland) and obtained Charitable Status in 2013, it is our aims to raise awareness and provide education alongside offering advice and support towards the betterment of (companion) rabbit welfare by promoting RWAF beliefs, standards and educational information.
In addition to raising awareness towards improved welfare for domestic rabbits, we actively pursue reform via Scottish Parliament, with the support and input from other concerned welfare groups and individuals, in the hope of obtaining legislative protection for companion Rabbits.

Whilst we recognise improved awareness and access to education is of course key to improving the lives of our most neglected pets, we strongly believe however, that more stringent controls are urgently required to govern the sale of, and breeding of domestic rabbits, alongside other areas such as setting minimum welfare recommended living accommodation.

Ellon, United Kingdom

Wildlife rescue and rehabilitation Centre. Our aim is for all wildlife, regardless of species, to have a safe place to recover, and where possible, recuperate to be able to be released back to the wild.

Lambhill Farm Strichen AB43 6NY

Willows Animal Sanctuary is the largest sanctuary in Aberdeenshire and will try to help any animal in distress. We have been a Scottish charity since 1999 and have helped literally thousands of animals and birds during this time. We operate a strict no kill policy and only put an animal to sleep on veterinary advice. Willows now cares for over 450 animals and birds including 100 equines, 60 cats and dogs, 200 farm animals and birds and many more small animals and reptiles. Here at Willows, we take in any animal, whether he or she has been abused, starved or if the owner just simply couldn’t cope. Each case is judged on its merits and we are not bound by dogma or rigid restrictions about age or worth. We are always there for the animals (and we try to help the owners too). We are totally dependent on donations and legacies to keep the sanctuary running. Unlike larger charities we have no reserves of money and are always desperately short of funds. We specialise in helping elderly or more vulnerable animals that have already been refused help by well-known large national charities.

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