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What is your favourite Vegan recipe ?

Favourite Recipes

Calling all Foodies. Are you King or Queen in your kitchen ? Do you love cooking and want to share with other people ? We want to hear about your favourite Vegan recipe ? Tell us your favourites and we will share them here at The Tartan Carrot.

To tell us, please email us here :

Simply send us an email with the following information about your favourite recipe :

1. Ingredients: Tell us about the ingredients in your recipe.
2. Method: Tell us how to combine the ingredients and how to cook the recipe.
3. Send us a photograph: Attach a photograph of the prepared meal with your recipe.

Please also tell us your name and the city, town or village you live in – this will allow us to credit you with the recipe when we share it.

All that we ask is that your recipes are Vegan. We look forward to hearing from you, and of course we aim to feature these here on our blog, and share them with the community here in Scotland. If you want to see an example, please click here :

See Sample Recipe

Thank you.