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Vital Spark Nutrition – Vegan Nutritional Therapist in Edinburgh

Vital Spark Nutrition

Vital Spark Nutrition

If we are fortunate then most of the time as long as we eat a balanced varied diet and exercise a few times a week and manage our stress levels then we should keep good health. But from time to time we can feel under the weather; often we might visit our G.P. but sometimes we also might need the help of a Nutritional Therapist to help us understand what may be going on. Do you feel that you’re not quite in the best of health?

Claire Hider of Vital Spark Nutrition is a Vegan Nutritional Therapist who uses evidenced-based nutritional science to help you understand the underlying causes for the way you are feeling. Claire takes a ‘whole person’ approach, understanding that the organs in our body are connected, and the way our body performs is strongly related to the way we think and what we eat.

Claire can help with a range of conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome or other digestive problems, persistent tiredness and general fatigue, hormonal issues, menopause, depression / anxiety, weight gain, joint pain, skin complaints, headaches and raised cholesterol. For more information visit her website at Vital Spark Nutrition.

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Claire is based in Edinburgh, and can offer consultations in person, or if you are unable to make it into Edinburgh, Claire can also consult with you face to face via skype or over the telephone. So what is involved in a Nutritional Therapy consultation?

Well, firstly Claire sends you a detailed questionnaire. You will be asked questions about your past medical history, and what your current issues are. The questionnaire also gathers information on your working pattern, your diet and general lifestyle and also includes questions on how you find time to relax. You complete this before your face to face consultation. During the consultation, Claire reviews your responses in much more detail and follows up with a detailed set of recommendations which may include changes to your diet, referral to your G.P. for further tests, supplementing your diet in some way e.g. with nutritional supplements and may even include advice about ways to exercise that might be beneficial for you.

The cost for an initial consultation and subsequent follow up meeting to go through your personal recommendations is £60. If you feel you might need some support, we recommend getting in touch with Claire for professional advice.