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Vegan Tacos – We love ’em

Vegan Tacos

This is a recipe I use for Vegan Taco’s. This recipe might be more suited for most people as a lunch or dinner, but if you are like me then they are great for breakfast as well :-). Enjoy !

Preparation time is about 15-20 minutes. Cooking time is about 40 minutes.


For the Taco filling …

1 cup of red lentils
1 medium sized onion, finely chopped
Salt and pepper to taste
1 Garlic clove
Soy Sauce
4 or 5 medium sized mushrooms, chopped
2 medium sized carrots, finely sliced
Vegetable oil
Handful of pistachio nuts
Handful of almonds
Tomato puree

For the dressing …

To garnish this dish I used the following:

Green Cabbage (I used a large handful which I shredded)
1 medium sized beetroot (grated)
1 table spoon of black sesame seeds
Juice of a freshly squeezed lime


For the Taco mix …

Begin by roasting the pistachio and almonds on a saucepan – as they begin to roast the oils from the nuts should be released, they give of a great smell when this happens.
Start by adding the chopped onions to a saucepan or wok, brown the onions – add the salt and pepper
To a saucepan of boiling water, add the red lentils and blanche them for about 10 minutes. You need to be careful not to overcook the red lentils, otherwise they will go mushy. You want the individiual lentils to retain their texture and shape.
After the lentils have been blanched for about 10 minutes, remove them from the heat and drain the water. Allow them to cool.
Next add the chopped carrots and chopped mushrooms to the onions (do this when the onions start to go brown), and allow to ‘sweat’ for 5 minutes.
Next add the Tumeric, Chilli, Rosemary and Marjoram – mix these thoroughly with the current ingredients and allow the chilli and tumeric to cook.
Chop the garlic and add to the dish.
Add the almonds and pistachio.

Next you should add the lentils which have been drained and cooled to the dish. Mix the lentils thoroughly with the other ingredients.
Add the tomato puree and soy sauce, mix these thoroughly through the dish – you should notice that the colour of the dish darkens.

Keep stirring and mixing the dish, for about 10 minutes. When you are satisfied that everything is cooked properly remove from the heat and allow to cool slightly.

For the dressing …

Usually when I see Taco’s I find that they are garnished with lettuce, I prefer to use cabbage. The leaves are much darker and richer in colour.
Add the shredded cabbage to some boiling water, and blanche for about 10 minutes. Remove from the heat and allow to cool.
Mix the cooled cabbage, grated beetroot and black sesame seeds together.
Drizzle with the juice of 1 lime.

Easy Taco Garnish

Easy Taco Garnish

Thats it ! This recipe is really easy to prepare, its 100% plant-based and I find these Taco’s great to have at any time of day (including breakfast :-) ). I use shop bought Taco’s to serve them up. Enjoy !