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Vegan Edinburgh

Emma Bathgate – Vegan Edinburgh

For some time now Emma has been sharing very useful and interesting vegan information from our capital city Edinburgh, she is very knowledgeable about the most vegan friendly restaurants and shares that information with her followers via social media.

Emma runs the website:

This is an excellent local guide to vegan food in Scotland’s capital we recommend you take a look.

Here at The Tartan Carrot we think what Emma is doing is brilliant and thought you would be interested to find out more about her and why she started Vegan Edinburgh.

Why did you start Vegan Edinburgh?

When I went vegan over two years ago, I struggled to find an inspiring guide to all the wonderful vegan options in the city. So, when I saw the domain was available, I snapped it up.

I wanted to tell the world that vegans are welcome in Edinburgh, and that there is an abundance of imaginative, delicious, irresistible food in the city if you just know where to look. Today I write regular foodie reviews for my website, deliver a monthly newsletter and promote local vegan businesses and events on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

In just over a year, I’ve gathered over 4,000 social media followers and nearly 5,000 people visit my website every month. There’s clearly a hunger for this information (excuse the pun) and I imagine it’s only going to get bigger and better as more people make the switch to a plant-based lifestyle.

Why did you go vegan?

For the same reasons that most people go vegan, really. I often joke that I went from a dedicated carnivore to vegan in the space of about five YouTube videos, but it’s true. All you need to do is take a look at the facts and objectively consider how absurd consuming animal products is – for your health, for the animals, and for the environment.

I mean, why grow a field of corn – to feed a cow in another field – to then feed us? Cut out the middleman and just eat the corn!

Is Vegan Edinburgh a solo venture?

Sort of. My long-suffering (and also vegan) husband Mr B comes with me quite often on my vegan jaunts, and sits very patiently while I take pictures of his food. He also gives me pointers on website design, and puts up with my incessant typing in the wee hours of the morning!

What’s your favourite vegan place in Edinburgh right now?

Oh my goodness, there are so many places to choose from! It really depends what mood you’re in. I recently went to a lovely little café in Marchmont called Brochan which does the BEST vegan porridge. Exactly what you need on a cold Edinburgh morning.

I also really like the Herbivore Kitchen on Clerk Street – Alison is an absolute genius and her brownies are second-to-none. She also does a monthly “Herbivore Supper Club” which I try and attend when I can. What she does with vegan food is really inspiring.

What does the future hold for Vegan Edinburgh?

I am really excited about the future, not just for Vegan Edinburgh, but for the vegan movement as a whole. Most of the vegans I have met recently have made the change in the last year or so, there’s more vegan and vegan-friendly places opening up in Edinburgh than ever before, and it’s only going to gain more momentum as time goes on.

The more people realise how easy and delicious being vegan in Edinburgh is, the more people will make the switch. The most common question I get asked about veganism is not “Where do you get your protein?”, or “Don’t you miss bacon?”. Actually, it’s “Is it hard to be vegan?”

Vegan Edinburgh is my way of answering that question with a resounding “No”!

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