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The Tartan Carrot Fundraising Event for the wonderful Lotus Animal Sanctuary

Final Event Newsletter

Hi Animal Lovers :-)

On Saturday 30th of September The Tartan Carrot is hosting a fundraising Event in The Old Barn, Dumbreck Stables, 82 Dumbreck Road, Glasgow. G414 4SN

The Old Barn - Glasgow

The Old Barn – Glasgow

The purpose of this event is to bring the animal loving Scottish community together to raise funds to help Lynn Jolly achieve her dream of opening the Lotus Animal Sanctuary.

Click Here - Buy Ticket - Lotus Animal Sanctuary Fundraising Day

The Lotus Animal Sanctuary will be an animal sanctuary in central Scotland. Its purpose of existence is to promote love, care, kindness, respect, justice and compassion to all beings. Read Lynn’s wonderful story here.

Click Here - Lotus Animal Sanctuary

Lynn has a financial goal of raising £200,000 at present she has raised £45,026 towards that goal via her CROWDFUND appeal. (28/09/17).

Here at The Tartan Carrot we think this is a wonderful vision and wanted to try and help her raise more money towards this goal. So we have decided to arrange this Event in Glasgow which will allow everyone in Scotland the chance to participate in some way to help raise funds.
This Final Event Newsletter will give you an outline of how this day will run and how you can participate.
NB If you cant attend on the day please donate by buying a raffle ticket they only cost £2 (we have received wonderful donated prizes) and please share this Event Newsletter.

How to find us on the day.
Click Here - How To Find The Old Barn

The organised classes will be FREE to attend once you have booked your entry ticket by kindly donating £10 to the Lotus Animal Sanctuary (see “Buy Ticket” links at the top and bottom of this Newsletter), or by kindly donating £10 when you arrive on the day.

Please note all our pre registered class places have now been booked, so if you want to attend any of the classes please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to class commencing as remaining class places will be given on a first come basis.

There will be 5 main areas that will have activity on the day.

1. The Yoga and Wellbeing Room

The Old Barn - Yoga Studio

The Old Barn – Yoga and Wellbeing Room

Programme for the day:
The following teachers have very kindly donated either a yoga or wellbeing class.
We would like to say a big thank you to all the following teachers :-)
NB please bring a yoga mat and blanket if attending if possible.

Click Here - Yoga and Well Being Classes

These Yoga/Wellbeing classes will be FREE to attend once you have booked your entry ticket.
NB Places are limited.

2. The Kitchen

The Old Barn - The Kitchen

The Old Barn – The Kitchen

Programme for the day:
Throughout the day various plant based cooking classes will be taking place in here.
Thank you so much to the lovely Jayne Totty for donating two classes to our fundraising event.
Please bring an apron with you if you want to be involved.

Click Here - Plant Based Cooking Classes

These Cooking Classes will be FREE to attend once you have booked your entry ticket.
NB Places are limited.

3. The Lounge Area.

The Old Barn - The Lounge

The Old Barn – The Lounge

This central area will be a place for everyone to relax, chat, network, enjoy a cuppa and make new friends and contacts. This large room also has lots of space for anyone to offer a small fundraising activity on the day. Get in touch if you want to discuss. (it is FREE to hire a place).

4. The Barn.

The Old Barn

The Old Barn

In this area we will be bringing you Scottish Businesses and community groups on the day for you to purchase things from or just make contact with.

Bohemian Hippy
Find out more about Lynn and Bohemian Hippy here:
Click Here - Bohemian Hippy

everythingCHILLI – Serving up spicy delights :-)
Find out more about everythingCHILLI here:
Click Here - More about Everything Chilli

FacePlant Foods – Serving up delicious Vegan Food from 12.30 until 18.00.
Find out more about FacePlant Foods here:
Click Here - More about FacePlant Foods

Galloway Holistic Retreats
Find out More about Galloway Holistic Retreats here:
Click Here - More about Galloway Holistic Retreats

Tini Designs – Offering Face Painting
Click Here - More about Tini Designs

Land and Sea Fan Club – Come along and meet the staff who serve up the BEST VEGAN CHIPPY in Scotland (Information Stall only today)
Click Here - More about Land and Sea

Intrepid Vegan – Serving up plant based food throughout the day.

Vegan information will be available to help and support vegans or those considering becoming vegan.

5. The Raffle

Thank you so much to the following companies that have offered to kindly donate a gift for this Raffle.
The Prize draw will take place at this event at 3pm.(ish)
If you haven’t bought your raffle ticket yet you can purchase one here.

Click Here - Win Fabulous Raffle Prizes

Other information.

This is a ticketed event but due to the amount of people who have contacted us tickets are now available on the day.

This is completely a fundraising activity and not for profit.

All food purchased or cooked on the day will be 100% plant based. All products sold on the day will not contain any animal ingredients and be completely free from animal cruelty.

This event will be suitable for Vegans.

If you would like to come along and experience the day and support this fundraising effort please book your ticket here.
The tickets are now on sale and cost £10pp and ALL of this will be donated to the Lotus Animal Sanctuary.

Click Here - Buy Ticket - Lotus Animal Sanctuary Fundraising Day

Thank you to all you wonderful people who have donated a class, activity, raffle prize or stall and to all you lovely animal lovers who have already donated to attend this fundraising event or bought a raffle ticket.
NB If you have pre-booked please bring your PayPal receipt as this is your entry ticket.

We are looking forward to meeting up with you all, we hope you enjoy the day.
Kind Regards.
Liz and John. :-)
The Tartan Carrot.

The Tartan Carrot organises Vegan Events in Scotland. We promote a plant based diet for our personal health, for the environment and for the animals.

| Thanks to Lesley Williamson for help with Photography and Gillian Blair for help with our Logo Design.

Registered Office : Suite 1, 4 Queen Street, EDINBURGH, Scotland, United Kingdom, EH2 1JE