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The Scottish Animal Behaviour & Rescue Centre

Animal Sanctuary and Education Centre.

The Scottish Animal Behaviour & Rescue Centre – SABRC is a Scottish registered charity (SCIO) SC045590 and was founded in June 2014 to help animals in need, ranging from horses to turkeys and rats to sheep!

The aim of this charity is to build a bridge between human and non-human animals. In order to achieve this they believe education, training and hands on skills with animals are essential. By explaining and showing practicalities of natural behaviours, they can improve welfare of non-human animals dramatically both in companion and domestic species.

SABRC is first and foremost an animal sanctuary for abandoned, maltreated and retired animals – including many from the food industry. In the small rescue centre here they care for approximately 40 animals, many of which are rescues who need love, patience and permanent sanctuary.

If you need some advice, have an interest in animal behaviour or need to rehome an animal, please get in touch with the team here.

SABRC offers opportunities for all members of the community to get involved with animal care, learn practical skills and volunteer in many different capacities. If you would like to get involved in some way please get in touch, the team would love to hear from you.

The SABRC offer tours and workshops for individuals and groups, aimed at educating people but also for having fun!

We have previously met the wonderful team of SABRC, what they achieve is truly fantastic and its filled with love for every single animal in their care.



The Scottish Animal Behaviour & Rescue Centre

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