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Scottish Vegan (Healthy) School Meals – Survey 2017


School Meals Scotland

Your Opinion

Here at The Tartan Carrot we have been contacted by parents who are concerned that their vegan children are not being offered suitable healthy school meals.

Parents have also stated that when they have approached staff at their child’s school to discuss these dietary requirements they have found them unhelpful and unsupportive.

So we have decided to carry out a short survey to see what the general opinion is regarding healthy vegan school meal options in Scotland.

If you have any knowledge of school meals we would appreciate if you could take a few minutes to complete the following short questionnaire so we can see what the general situation is around Scotland.

Survey questionaire will be available to complete for 6 weeks from today Friday 13th of October until midnight on Friday 24th of November.

**Depending on the feedback we may decide to take the survey results to the Scottish Government