Seeds For The Soul

167 Bruntsfield Place Edinburgh EH10 4DG
167 Bruntsfield Place Edinburgh Scotland EH10 GB

This is a time of great change on our planet. Maybe you have heard people say veganism is a fashion that is trending right now? Well here at Seeds for the Soul we believe that it’s a great fashion to follow and oh my, we just love to be trendy! :-)

We are on an inspiring mission to show people that vegan and vegetarian food is not just ‘grass’, oh no, it’s so so so much more! What you can make of tasty veggies, nuts, seeds, and beans is actually amazing and the possibilities are limitless! From different milks to delicious rolls and sandwiches, and vitamin-packed smoothies, to tasty bakes that are actually good for you. Yes, you heard us, it’s not just tasty but it is also packed with vitamins and minerals. And what about all the salads and the soups? We are also very exited to introduce different superfoods to you, from amazing green blue algae like spirulina and chlorella to super power seeds like hemp and chia.

Good clean food is so important when it comes to good health and happiness, and that is why here at Seeds for the Soul we make it our priority to use the best ingredients available, free from preservatives, chemicals, refined sugar and all sorts of other nasties. We want our food to nurture your body and soul, that’s why we make it with love and care. We use only the best ingredients, many of them organically grown on local farms.

We are on a mission together with other clean eateries to try and reduce pollution of our beloved planet so that the future generations can still enjoy it and see the beauty of our home. All our takeaway boxes, bags, cups, cutlery, and napkins are 100% biodegradable. And all the waste that we produce when working is composted or recycled daily.

Our future vision is to plant ‘Seeds for the Soul’ in every city of this great country. We want to support and promote natural food, local organic producers, to educate people about the benefits of vegan and vegetarian diets, and to help keep our planet as clean as we possibly can.

So let’s spread love and health to as many people as we possibly can! :-)

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