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Our Aims

The Tartan Carrot would love to see 51% of the Scottish population become Vegan by the year 2025.

We will do all we can to try and achieve this by supporting people who choose to join our community including Scottish vegan & vegan friendly businesses, other vegan groups and charities.

1. People who choose to join our community. (Everyone is welcome)
– We offer an online information hub with details about why becoming Vegan is great for The Animals, The Environment and for Health and Wellbeing.
– We offer practical tips and advice about how to achieve a Vegan Lifestyle.
– We also offer various Events throughout Scotland and invite people to come along and meet us and get advice, support and encouragement.
It is also a great way to meet like minded people and make new friends.

The Tartan Carrot

Edinburgh, GB
902 Members

This is a group for anyone who is vegan, vegetarian or someone simply interested in finding out more about plant based food and a healthier lifestyle in Scotland. Everyone is …

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Please note our Events group is FREE to join.

2. Scottish Vegan & Vegan Friendly Businesses.
– We offer advertising and support to businesses who support individuals who choose the vegan lifestyle. We will try and help you promote your business to ensure as many people as possible know about the products/services that you offer, or your cafe/restaurant that you own or manage.
Please contact us by sending an email to if you want to discuss advertising your business.

3. Non Profit Vegan Groups and Charities.
-We will offer support and promote awareness about your group or charity.
We believe it is better to work together as our voice will become stronger.
If you think we can help you please send an email to

Thank you from Liz and John. We look forward to hearing more from you and meeting you in 2017.