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Organic Delicious Cafe

Organic Delicious Café

Happy Natural Food

100% Organic Coffee Shop. Restaurant.
Vegan Friendly

Bringing you Organic, Delicious Vegan food! Happy, Wholesome Organic Juices, Cakes (including Raw Cakes), Breakfasts & Lunch, plus their very own Signature Organic Coffee Blend.
Most of their sweet treats are sugar free and when they’re not they use unrefined/unprocessed sugar.

Organic Delicious Café is in the heart of one of Edinburgh’s most beloved places: Morningside!

The lovely team here work with local suppliers and small businesses to offer you the finest 100% organic ingredients which are delicious. From strong, dark roasted coffee (specially blended) to nutritional boasting juices; everything you eat, drink, smell and see has been made as naturally as possible.

A Recent Review I read about Organic Delicious Café (24th February 2017) 5*
“Organic Delicious is the friendliest organic café that I have been to in Edinburgh! As a coffee drinker I would say the service and experience was outstanding. This only added to the great location in Morningside. I will definitely recommend it to all my friends and I will be back very soon!! ”

The team at Organic Delicious are vegan friendly & allergy friendly too. They want to support anyone who just wants to learn more about organic produce and eating well.

This team are deeply passionate about Organic living, and the impact on your overall health. They believe that food should be grown and sourced in an ethical, clean and positive manner which supports our environment. All takeaway options (cups, napkins, cutlery etc.) are vegware compostable. You can put them in your food recycle bin. The hand lotions in the toilet are organic & eco friendly as well as all their cleaning products. They have organic nappies for the little ones (free of charge) and use recycled toilet paper, even the refurbishment & construction of the café was conducted using re – used materials!

If you are looking for a special occasion cake e.g. a birthday cake the team here will bake that special organic cake for you. Please give them at least two weeks notice if you can.

Why is Organic safer?
Its natural. Its healthy and its available!

Organic produce is free from chemical sprays (links have been made between these sprays and ill health), therefore you are not consuming these in your diet. It is the simplest way to make sure you and your family stay safe.

Organic Delicious Café love juicing and making smoothies!
The largest factor relating to juicing relates to the process of detoxification, and providing your body with the needed vitamins whilst it ‘cleans itself out’. They often get asked “what is the difference between a juice and a smoothie?”. For juicing they extract around 70% of the juice, leaving behind the pulp and the insoluble fibre. Because of this your body can absorb 100% of the nutrients in minutes. For smoothies, they pulverise the organic fruits & vegetables so it still needs to be largely digested by the body.

Did you know?
An interesting fact I saw on their website.

“You would need to digest 10-15 carrots, 10-12 apples or 8 pounds of spinach to get the same nutrients as one of our Organic Juices”

So if you haven’t visited yet maybe its time for a trip to visit the lovely team here at Organic Delicious Café in Morningside :-)

Opening Hours
Monday – Friday 09.30 – 16.30
Saturday 09.30 – 17.30
Sunday 10.00 – 16.00

Organic Delicious Cafe
26 Morningside Road
EH10 4DA



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