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Lotus Animal Sanctuary – Mystery Donor With a Big Heart

Lynn Jolly is a unique person and we were lucky enough to meet her to talk about her passion; Lynn works full time as a Customer Service Team Leader with Virgin which is a job she enjoys, and after spending some time with Lynn it is easy to see that she is great with people. Lynn notices what is happening around her and perhaps this is why as a Vegan Animals Rights activist Lynn has set herself the ambitious target of raising £200,000 to set up the Lotus Animal Sanctuary. Lynn recently told us that she had received an anonymous donation of just under £39,000 towards her goal. We are so excited.

Lynn’s passion is compassion, and particularly compassion for those animals which most people think of as Food Animals. The purpose of the sanctuary is to provide a safe haven in Central Scotland for animals in need of shelter; Lynn also wants to help educate the general public of the sentient nature and emotional capacity of these animals. Lynn is also aiming to offer other services such as Stress Management, Holistic Therapies, Yoga and also a Vegan Cafe – and ultimately these activities will help fund the running of the centre on an ongoing basis. Lynn is also hoping to offer a number of voluntary positions at the shelter, including working with vulnerable adults.

We were lucky enough to spend some time talking to Lynn about her vision and passion, it was so great to hear Lynn talk about what she wants to achieve. Lynn first conceived of the idea in 2010, but due to a fear of failure wasn’t able to make a start on it until relatively recently. The animal sanctuary was one of the many ideas on her vision board (which she explained has lots of pictures of cows on it). An animal sanctuary in Central Scotland is something that is so desperately needed; as a Vegan Animal Rights Activist Lynn already receives lots of messages to help with animals. There are a few excellent hardworking animal sanctuary’s in Scotland, but they are distant from the Central Belt and most will not take cows. The cost for transporting farm animals is expensive, for example Lynn explained that it cost £750 for a 15 hour round trip in an animal rescue she was involved in recently.

Lynn said ‘There is a real need to have a sanctuary in or near Central Scotland. It would be good to have a place where people could come and talk, also to show screenings. It would be great to use Virtual Reality headsets. We must educate people, there must be a point to a sanctuary besides rescue’.

Lotus Animal Sanctuary

Lynn Jolly

Lynn explained that she has already been offered land near Aberdeen, and also on one of our Scottish Islands, but Lynn wants the centre to be as accessible to as many people as possible which is why she is choosing to locate in or near the Central Belt. After asking about the people involved with the project, Lynn said ‘Lots of people are involved and want to help. To be better and stronger for the animals, vegans need to be united and work together. This is so important. This is not about me, its about putting together a team that can help put this together’.

Lynn has been working hard to achieve this ambition, and this is despite working full time. To get the project started, Lynn has been crowd funding for the project via the website

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Lots of people have also been doing fund raising events, and you can keep up to date with these, or get involved. Visit the Lotus Animal Sanctuary Facebook page and give it a ‘Like':

Visit Lotus Animal Sanctuary on Facebook

Recently, Lynn was involved with hosting the Vegan Activist James Aspey during his visit to Scotland from Australia. James kindly gave two full weeks of his time which included attending vigils, public speaking to raise awareness of the positive benefits of Veganism, attending fund raising events for the Lotus Animal Sanctuary and even appearing on Kay Adam’s BBC Radio Scotland show to talk about the rise of Veganism in Scotland and around the world.

As we were speaking with Lynn, she was bursting with excitment. Lynn explained that the project had recently received a mystery donation (from a donor in the U.S). The donor has contributed $50,000 (just under £39,000) which is absolutely wonderful and fantastic news which helps bring Lynn’s vision a big step closer to getting off the ground. Lynn explained that Scottish Television News had recently featured the story on their website, which had received lots of shares and posts via Social Media; and of course its just great that the project is receiving so much attention both here at home in Scotland but also abroad.

When we asked Lynn how she felt to receive such a great donation, she said ‘Since my friend Daisy unexpectedly launched the Lotus YouCaring campaign for us in January, we’ve been extremely blessed with some very generous offers and I can’t start to tell you how grateful I am because it warms my heart to know there are so many loving, caring and compassionate people out there and know this sanctuary is so greatly needed in central Scotland. I’ve received emails of support and encouragement from all around the world from the Caribbean to France, Canada, America, Germany and our very own Scottish islands and that’s just to name but a few. I’ve received offers of help in forms of carpentry, web design, land, food and of course lots of kind financial donations. However when I received an anonymous cheque for $50,000, I was totally totally blown away and left totally and utterly speechless. This was someone who believed in the same vision and supported all the work I do and was not only kind enough to help in such a huge way, but wasn’t looking for any thanks or recognition for doing such a massive random act of kindess. This has not only made our goal feel so much more doable now, but has totally restored my faith in humanity. This is why we must remember to show love and compassion to ALL beings – because our innate being is love’.

The Project still needs more focus to help achieve that £200,000 goal. So please, if you want to donate, please do so via the link above. Stay in touch with the project by ‘liking’ the facebook page (link above) or have a think about what you can do to help; maybe you are running a marathon, maybe you can do a ‘sponsored silence’. Anything and everything will be counted and will help get this fantastic vision off the ground. We want to wish Lynn and her team every success for this.

Finally, Lynn wanted us to mention that not all of the money received via YouCaring will go to the sanctuary, this is because Paypal, who process the payments take a small percentage of the donation for processing the transaction.

You can find out more about Lotus Animal Sanctuary:
Click Here - Visit The Website: Lotus Animal Sanctuary

Lynn also raises money for the project via her website – (all proceeds go towards the animal sanctuary):
Visit Lynn at her website: