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Introduction to Veganism and Eating a Healthy Vegan Diet

Nutritional Consultation

Are you thinking about making the switch to a Plant Based diet ? Have you wondered what it means to be Vegan and why people make the switch ?

Are you thinking about changing but worried about getting the right nutrition for you ?

This May 7th we will be hosting an event at the Park Hotel in Falkirk entitled ‘Introduction to Veganism and Eating a Healthy Vegan Diet’. This session starts in the morning and Liz and I will be giving a talk entitled ‘Introduction to Veganism’ – during the talk we will consider why we might become vegan from the perspective of our i) Personal Health ii) The impact on the Environment iii) The Animals. I really hope that you can make it along.

Following this, Claire Hider will be giving a talk on ‘Eating a Healthy Vegan Diet’.

The price for this event is £10 per person. You can buy a ticket by following this link:

Buy Ticket - 'Introduction to Veganism and Eating a Health Vegan Diet'

Claire Hider is a nutritionist at Vital Spark Nutrition and you can find out more about Claire here:

Vital Spark Nutrition Online

There will be time for questions and answers during the sessions and also at the end. Claire will also be available to speak about future nutritional consultations.

We look forward to seeing you their.

Liz and John :-).