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How Vegan Friendly are our Scottish NHS Hospitals ? – Survey 2018

The Scottish NHS - Vegan Survey

Have you visited an NHS Hospital recently ? Maybe you are an NHS employee and work in one of our hospitals ? Or maybe you were in hospital as an in-patient or because you were visiting friends or family or for another reason ? We are very interested in hearing about your own personal experiences – how easy or difficult was it for you to get a suitably healthy vegan meal during your visit or for the duration of you stay ?

If you would like to take part please note this survey will be available for 5 weeks to complete from Monday 5th February until Monday March 12th 2018.

This survey is now closed as of 12th March 2018

Scottish NHS Hospitals – Survey 2018

Thank you for taking part. We may take the results of this survey to the NHS in Scotland or Scottish Government, depending on the feedback received.