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Delicious Vegan Meals Delivered to your Doorstep – Gabriele’s Family Food

Gabriele’s Family Food – Gorgeously Vegan

Have you tried this food yet?
I have and it truly IS gorgeous and 100% Vegan.

Gabriele’s Family Food is the only fully vegan deli in Falkirk and surrounding area. This business is owned and managed by Gabriele Panozzo and his wife Michela.

Gabriele's Family Food

Gabriele’s Family Food

Gabriele is an Italian professional Chef and has a very friendly and helpful manner. I met him recently when he came to deliver food to one of my friends. Heather is one of his loyal customers and is always recommending him. Lucky for me I get to sample lots of his food :-) . If you live in the Falkirk area I recommend that you give it a try, the food is delivered FREE.
He has a seasonal menu so check his website below to find out what’s presently on offer.

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Gabriele is also a father of 3 children. Parents Gabriele and Michela know how hard it is to find tasty and healthy meals for the whole family every day, so they thought they would use their expertise to help you put fresh delicious meals on the table at home.

Gabriele’s Family Food only use fresh ingredients and they use environmentally friendly packaging from Vegware.The food is prepared daily so this allows you to order more if you want and pop it into the freezer.


Gabriele tells us “This is a Home-Based Business, Registered with Falkirk Council Food Business Office. I am a Certified NVQ3 Professional Chef with a European Diploma that I got in Italy. I am also HACCP Certified. I am able to make Pizza, Focaccia and Bread thanks to a Diploma that certifies I am a professional Pizzaiolo. I have worked in several restaurants in Scotland and Italy.”


Gorgeously Vegan is one of the brands owned by Gabriele’s Family Food. Gorgeously Vegan is a line of products specifically made for Bars, Cafes, Hotels and Restaurants. Gorgeously Vegan supplies both pre-packed freshly made vegan products for grab-n-go fridges and products to be used directly in a busy kitchen. Gorgeously Vegan can be viewed as an opportunity to become a vegan-friendly venue, offering your customers a wider range of products and to attract new vegan customers.

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07514 847108


Gabriele Panozzo



36 Sunnyside Avenue
Near Falkirk