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Glasgow – Cooking Class : Essential Healthy Side Dishes

Avocado Hummus

Essential Healthy Side Dishes

In this friendly 2 hour class you will learn how to prepare and cook 5 side dishes to help liven up any meal. This class will be fully interactive, and you will be able to taste the dishes prepared (they will be shared with others attending the class). You will be helping prepare the dishes so please wear comfortable clothing and shoes. (Please bring an apron).

During the class we will be preparing:

Avocado Hummus
Bulgur and Kale Salad
Plant Based Gravy
Cashew Cheese Spread

Learn to liven up your every day meals with these easy to make side dishes. Avocado Hummus is great for breakfast with toast, as a side dish at a main meal or as a filler for you lunch box.

Bulgur is a Whole Grain, whole grains should be consumed regularly as part of your diet to help maintain overall health and well being; this Bulgur and Kale salad is easy to prepare and is an economical dish for your family.

Learn to prepare this Plant Based take on the classic Irish dish Colcannon; in this version we will prepare it with potatoes, arugula cabbage and almonds. The dish will be seasoned with aromatic herbs before serving.

Have you ever wanted to learn how to make real gravy, but without using shop bought gravy granules? Learn how to make gravy to accompany your favourite meals. This tasty side really lifts your meals.

Learn to prepare and make Cashew Cheese Spread; this dish is great as an accompaniment with nachos, its perfect with baked potatoes or with crackers and your favorite pickle.

This class is suitable for Vegans, Vegetarians and everyone else. Please note: We will be using nuts during this class, if you are allergic to nuts then this class is unfortunately not for you.

The price per person is £24.50, places are limited.

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