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About The Tartan Carrot

Welcome to the home of Scottish Veganism. We organise and support vegan events throughout Scotland. We also research and provide you with details of the best places to eat in Scotland and which prepare and serve Vegan food.  We are passionate about the benefits offered by eating a plant based diet, which is excellent for your health and also the positive effects it has on the environment and the animals we share our planet with.

If you are thinking of exploring becoming vegan, we are here to help and want to share with you tips and advice to help you along the way.  A balanced vegan diet is very healthy for you and provides you with a variety of fruits, vegetables and grains as recommended by your dietitian.

Who are we ?

Liz Johnstone

Liz Johnstone

Hi, I’m Liz and I became vegan in January 2014 to protect the beautiful animals as much as I could.

I was vegetarian for a few years before but knew I could do more. When I became vegan I never knew any other vegans and felt quite isolated at times. In August 2014 I started the Falkirk Vegan / Vegetarian / Vegan Curious meetup group to bring like minded people together and to offer support to those who might be considering becoming vegan. In October 2014 I started the Facebook Page – ‘A Vegan in Scotland’ to try and bring more education and awareness about the excellent vegan lifestyle and benefits to the general public. I believe if more people knew the facts they might consider becoming vegan.

Although my main focus for becoming vegan was for the animals as a Registered General Nurse I am also very interested in the health benefits of the plant based diet. Climate change is also a subject I’m becoming increasingly interested in because lots of research suggests that a diet that contains meat and dairy is a major cause of this. Becoming vegan is one of the best decisions I have made in my life and I have never once regretted it, my only regret is that I never became vegan sooner !


John Rodger

John Rodger

Hi, my name is John, I became Vegan in 2015 after becoming more aware of milk production methods in this country. Prior to that I had been a lacto-vegetarian since 1991. I really love cooking for other people and never tire of learning how to cook great food from different parts of the world. I believe that our food should be simple and light, and most important especially when cooking for others is that the food is made with good intention.

My view is that all beings experience pain and suffering in much the same way as we human beings do, but are not able to express this in a way that you and I can. Animals don’t have a voice, and with over 60 Billion land animals killed worldwide every year for human food consumption the scale of suffering experienced by other beings is un-precedented.

I’d like to make it as easy as possible to find good vegan and vegetarian food. I want to encourage wherever possible that we try and make the transition to a plant based diet, even if we can do this for just 1 day per week, it can make a big difference.

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